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Two Doves in the Sand
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Obtain Your Marriage License Monday-Friday at County Clerk in any county in Texas.
Please allow 72 hours after obtaining your marriage license from a Texas County license bureau before the ceremony, unless you are active duty military.
Requirements: Applications and/or documents needed - bring along original copies of the following (pack in your carry on luggage)
-photo ID
-certified birth certificate
-social security card.
If previously married and the divorce was finalized in the last 30 days, bring certified divorce decree stating the 30 day waiting period is to be waived.
Both bride and groom must go in person . 

If the divorce decree was finalized within 30 days bring certified copy of divorce decree.

If you use your maiden name on your license bring a certified copy of birth certificate or certified copy of divorce decree.

There are no residency requirements. We recommend arriving at least three days prior to wedding event to allow time needed for waiting period.

Blood test not required.
Texas law requires a signed and notarized statement regarding child support be submitted by all applicants. 
If you are 14-17 your can only get married if one of the following criteria is met:
1-You have parental consent
2-You have been previously legally married, and the applicant provides a certified copy of the divorced decree.  
3-You obtain an order from the Texas District court where the parent resides.